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SKF Solutions

Quite simply, no company anywhere in the world is better prepared than SKF to help you increase the productivity of your manufacturing operations by maximizing the uptime of your machinery and eliminating costly, unscheduled downtime.

'Anyone can tell you that something's broken, but at SKF they have the experience not only to tell you precisely where the problem lies, but also to get it fixed rapidly and to give you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the same problem will not crop up again.'

As the most important interface between the moving parts in any piece of machinery, bearings are the key to troubleshooting. Misalignments, imbalances, slack and friction are all perceptible through the bearings. And as the world's largest manufacturer of high-quality roller bearings, SKF is in a unique position - it can provide not just the right products but also the most in-depth and wide-ranging support solutions for bearings and rotating equipment.

Leveraging the all-encompassing expertise it has developed over the years working in a multitude of different sectors, SKF launched SKF Service: a new business unit dedicated exclusively to providing industry with a complete range of bearings and bearing-related services.

SKF Service delivers state-of-the-art solutions that combine the company's expert knowledge of bearings, sealing devices, lubrication, maintenance products and performance monitoring equipment to resolve all productivity and maintenance issues relating to the machinery installed at your facility. Through these solutions, you can take advantage of SKF's technical mastery to increase both your productivity and your profitability.

Mounting and unmounting support

The consolidated expertise of SKF's technicians allows them to execute any mounting and unmounting operations with confidence. The same specialist equipment and methodologies deployed when mounting the bearings are used to correct any unexpected problems. The service is also applicable to shaft couplings.

Dimensional checks

The SKF Service Unit also carries out checks on cylindrical and tapered shafts and seatings, using calibers suitable for shafts of diameters between 100 and 1400mm and external tapers of between 1:12 and 1:30.

Rotational machinery balancing

The Microlog is a special instrument used by SKF to balance simple rotating machinery. The Microlog makes it possible to carry out all necessary balancing operations on site, under normal working conditions and without the need to unmount the rotor from its normal working position. This, in turn, markedly reduces maintenance times.

Lubrication service

SKF offers optimization and verification solutions for the lubrication of installed machinery, covering everything from the right choice of lubricant to the correct quantity to use.

Bearing reconditioning

SKF has developed an exclusive reconditioning program for large-scale bearings. The service, which exploits SKF's decades of experience in the industry, encompasses cleaning, checking and eventual reworking and repackaging of the components, to ensure that they function as effectively as possible.

Machine tool spindle reconditioning

SKF offers a reconditioning service for machine tool spindles. The service includes dimensional checks of the seating and the housing through the use of special calibers. The spindle can be dynamically balanced.

SKF maintenance equipment repair

The SKF repair service is available to all users of SKF maintenance equipment.

Accelerometer and speedometer checks

Using sophisticated laboratory analysis techniques, SKF can perform checks on SKF accelerometers and speedometers.

Shaft and machinery alignment

SKF uses cutting-edge equipment based on laser technology to align:

  • Rotating machinery
  • Shafts
  • Couplings
  • Universal couplings

and to measure:

  • Linearity
  • Planarity/bubble level
  • Orthogonality
  • Parallelism

SKF offers constant checks of the functionality of your machinery, with accuracy guaranteed by the most advanced diagnostic systems, to prevent errors and eliminate downtime.

Vibration monitoring of rotating equipment

  • General conditions
  • Bearing status. Specific problems.
  • CO.MO. - LINK Remote support

SKF provides fully customized equipment monitoring systems that cater precisely to the client's specific requirements. Specially trained technicians use spectrum analyzers that do not rely solely on normal signal analysis in terms of vibration velocity (mm/s) and in acceleration (G) to diagnose roller bearing problems - they also use the spectral envelope technique across a specific frequency band that can be selected by the technician. In this way, it is possible to concentrate on impulsive signals only, since it is these signals that are typical of bearings displaying traces of fatigue. Once the operation has been completed, a detailed report is issued on the condition of the machinery and on possible courses of remedial action. With local data acquisition support available, it is possible to receive remote support (CO.MO.-LINK) from SKF's technicians.

Lubricant analysis

The service focuses on the analysis of the main characteristics of lubricants (oxidation levels, contaminant particles, viscosity, percentage of water, metals, etc.). Information of this type is essential to ensure an effective program of scheduled maintenance.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for bearings

Bearings confirm whether or not a piece of machinery is working correctly. Accordingly, if there have been problems in the past, the bearings show the traces of those problems. SKF can provide detailed reports on the condition of your replacement bearings and on the possible causes of damage.